General theory of multi-cellular organism.


It based on the following law:

Basic Law of Parasitic-Symbiotic Dump:

  1. Every multicellular organism is dump of morphologically and functionally different cells.

  2. Cells of every multicellular organism “collaborate’” each with another according to “profitability” of this interaction. Symbioses.

  3. All cells of multicellular organism are “egoists and hence parasites” by nature since the paramount goal of each of them is– to get the best conditions of “myself and only for myself!” This cause inevitable fight and competition between them for those best conditions. Parasitism.

Looking on this law more generally one can say, that that is nothing than specific approach of more general law of Hegel dialectics: Law of unity and fight of oppositions. Unity — is conditional (relative), fight – is absolute.

This principle exists in multicellular organism, as was mentioned previously, relative collaboration, providing certain conditions, which means Symbiosis – Unity, and, at the same time, brutal and merciless fight between cells for better individual life, Parasitism – an Absolute fight.

Little methodological remark. Most important and commonly accepted mistake of many biologist is Teleology of their way of thinking. Based on doubtless fact of life. Any multicellular organism develops from ONE MATERNAL CELL. That drives mind of many scientists to conclusion, that such organism has to be built from friendly collaborating cells, who “work” together for the benefit of all the body. Tragic mistake that causes many wrong theories and contradictions between them. If we will assume the above mentioned hypothesis it relieves our thinking from those principally misleading dominant ideas and we can get not bad explanations to many “mysterious” phenomena.

What illustrates well the above mentioned Law?

Autoimmune reactions and illnesses, including allergy, idiosyncrasy and at end anaphylactic shock, treacherous behavior of cells of cyncytial aggregates and even their cannibalism, inadequate reactions of different organs of the dangerous conditions, like myocardial infarct and cancer, and many others.

Assuming this law regarding any multicellular body we can solve many unsolved problems and redefine many wrong notions/

That will be discussed in further articles describing “mysterious” Schwann cells etc.

8 VI 2017

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