Without hernia prayers do not help!

Additional way to fight China virus.

One well known host of popular TV station is very honest and very religious lady.

And now she offered surprisingly VERY effective way to fight China virus: PRAYING in the circle keeping their hands together!

This strongly recommended as well as serious method reminds me old-old anecdote:

Poor Jew in Tsarists Russia came to Rabbi and said:

O, Rabbi, they want to take my the only sole son to army for 25 years!

How can I save him and all our family?

Read these prayers three times a day all the week! — Answers Rabbi.

After week Jew came again in sorrow and tears:

Rabbi, they TOOK my poor son!

Did you read the prayers?


Three times a day?


All the week?


After thinking a while Rabbi says:

By the way, I forgot to ask you whether has hernia your son?

Hernia? No, Rabbi. He has not hernia!

O, – answered Rabbi, — Now I understand!


15 III 2020

Without hernia prayers do not help!: 2 комментария

    1. Dear Narine,
      На других порталах я приписал и перевод на русский этой незатейливой истории.
      Фактически, именно с русского я, как мог, так и перевёл. Невзирая на очевидную слабость во владении английским.
      С признательностью Ваш Эспри


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