Possible model of brain.


Experimental part.

30 ml of plain yogurt in glass vessel.

There were three electrodes immersed into yogurt: One – platinum-iridium wire as grounding electrode.

Two others – sub-dermal isolated needles 0.35 mm diameter of stainless steel. Open for electrical contact with the media remain only tiny region on the sharp needle end. Surface of the contact measured very approximately was from a few hundreds to a few thousands square microns. All three electrodes were connected to Cardio-monitor HP 43110 MC having maximal sensitivity of 40 mm per one milli-volt input and pass-band of 0.5 – 100 Hz.

Experimental results.

Immediately were registered powerful oscillation of potentials of different curvature, amplitude and frequency.

High level approx. several milli-volts with frequencies from o.3 to 3 Hz

Lower amplitude of several hundreds micro-volt of more higher frequencies from 5 to 15 Hz typically almost identical each to another, regular and appearing by series.

The low voltage oscillations of tens to one hundred micro-volts with frequencies from 20 to 50 Hz.

All the period of time of the oscillation was 48-96 h.

As it could be seen on the pictures lability of those oscillation was much higher than usually regular bio-currents of brain.

After certain period of time of 24-36-48 hours oscillation diminished gradually. But adding water, little quantity of vinegar (5 ml.) and sugar “reanimate” electrical activity of media. Especially good for this activation was a sugar.


It’s obvious that nothing else but activity of acidophilic bacteria in yogurt caused those electrical oscillations.

Since one or two bacteria can not produce visible electrical discharges near the needles there could be made assumption that many hundreds if not thousands microorganisms produced those waves oscillating SYNCHRONIOUSLY, which can be compared with groups of the brain neurons functions.

We don’t know why and how this synchronous activity of many bacteria was stimulated.

This visible similarity to brain activity give us a hint how billion years ago conglomerates of electrically active pre-cells began to cooperate collectively.

12 II 2018

Activity of the “ACIDOBRAIN” depends on the time of day and night.

On the day it very often becomes “sleeping”, inactive. Near the evening it becomes more active. I called it “Sleeping vs. Awakening” or “High vs. Down in maniacal-depressive psychosis”.

It could be influenced by changes of pH of oxygen and carbon dioxide. But not directly by quantity of lighting!

If so, it opens possible way TO CONTROL it’s activity.

13 II 2018

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